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Baeckbook Parties and Events

Welcome to Baeckbook! Please take a look at our events and sign up below! We can’t wait to see you at one of our Baeckbook parties; and there are a few remaining spots – so don’t miss out.

The Notorious RBG – A Supreme Afternoon – 11/11/18 at 2pm

There’s power in the house today! You won’t want to miss LBT member Marilyn Levin’s informative tour through the new Skirball lecture on the Notorious RBG (that’s the Supreme Court’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg… and NOT the rap artist Notorious BIG). After this amazing tour, everyone is invited to the President and First Lady’s nearby home (LBT President, Lloyd and First Lady, Allison Segan) for a scrumptious tea. A perfect day of power from beginning to end.

Hosted by: Allison & Lloyd Segan


  1. Sue Meltzer
  2. Ed Meltzer
  3. Maribeth Scharlach
  4. Ed Scharlach
  5. Cathy Rauch
  6. Banjamin Ross
  7. Liz Bennett
  8. Nancy Levinson
  9. Marlene Gilbert
  10. Larry Gilbert
  11. Emily Brecher
  12. David Brecher
  13. Richard Nave
  14. Lois B. Miller
  15. Vida Brucker
  16. Barbara Bilson
  17. Charlotte Myers
  18. Alex Brucker
  19. Marjie Mautner
  20. Debbie Stein
  21. Manny Weintraub

This event is currently FULL. Please email Drew at to be added to the wait list.

Senior Staff Supper and Song – 1/6/19 at 6pm

One of the most spectacular fine-dining experiences can only be held at the fabulous Bel Air home of Rabbi Ken Chasen & Allison Lee. The ever popular Senior Staff dinner party returns. Be the guest of Rabbi Ken Chasen &Allison Lee, Rabbi Lisa Berney, Rabbi Benjamin Ross, Cantor Linda Kates, and Abigail Goldberg Spiegel for a magical evening of a homemade farm-to-table feast as LBT’s senior staff provides for your every comfort. Better sign up fast if you want a spot for this one.


  1. Nancy Marks
  2. Richard Marks
  3. Richard Nave
  4. Lois B. Miller
  5. Marilyn Levin
  6. Marilyn Garber
  7. Charlotte Myers
  8. Rita Loew
  9. Paul Beck
  10. Barbara Bilson

This event is currently FULL. Please email Drew at to be added to the wait list.

Gratifying Gravlax: Mastering the Art of Insanely Tasty Cured Salmon – 3/10/19 at 11am

The self-declared West Side King of Gravlax (aka Rabbi Benjamin Ross) and Liz Bennett welcome you into their home where the Rabbi will prepare an artisanal, hand-crafted, lovingly cured gravlax feast for 10 lucky Leo Baeckers.

Ask yourself: Do you crave smoked salmon more than oxygen? Do you dream about frisbee size bagels to transport more lox down
your gullet? Do you believe the lusciousness of salmon is a gift of the Gods? Well, whatever you answered, come! We will nosh on gravlax, drink premium coffee, learn about curing salmon, and make some of the “pink gold” to bring home. Be assured, once you master the simple art of curing salmon you will finally be a contribution to society and the star of any potluck.

Barney Greengrass step back! Saul Zabar move aside!

Hosted by: Rabbi Benjamin Ross and Liz Bennett


  1. Nancy Marks
  2. Richard Marks
  3. Marilyn Levin
  4. Marilyn Garber
  5. Rita Loew
  6. Eric Herzog
  7. Jane Herzog
  8. Bea Richman
  9. Robyn Samuels
  10. Debbie Stein
  11. Manny Weintraub

This event is currently FULL. Please email Drew at to be added to the wait list.