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Heroes & Angels Annual Benefit


Save the date … Saturday evening, May 2, 2020 at Leo Baeck Temple!

This will be a festive evening of celebration for the entire LBT community. This year, we’ll be celebrating Sue Meltzer and Lloyd Segan for their years of service and dedication to LBT!

To become a Sponsor / Underwriter for this year’s Benefit please follow this LINK to see the form with levels of giving and tribute details.

For more information, contact Drew Davis in the LBT office at 310.476.2861 ext. 202 or

Past Honorees

2019:     Marlene & Larry Gilbert and Nancy & Richard Marks
2018:     Abigail Goldberg Spiegel | LBT’s 70th Anniversary
2017:     Randi Levine and Larry Sterling
2016:     Vida Brucker and Brian Rose
2015:     Rabbi Rachel Timoner, Shalom Rachel – L’hitraot…until we meet again!
2014:     Lori Stein and Avram Mandell, Transforming Education, Spirited Leadership & Building Community
2013:     Rabbi Ken Chasen – “Ken’s 10” Celebrating a Decade at LBT
2012:     Robin Bernstein (Giborim) and Mark Green (Malachim)
2011:     Jeff Mirkin (Giborim) and Lewis Wilkenfeld (Malachim)
2010:     Sandy Bothman (Giborim) and Suzy Marks (Malachim)
2009:     Chet Lappen and Stan Lappen (Giborim), and Esther Smith (Malachim)
2008:     Laurie Sobelman (Giborim), Jane and Eric Herzog (Malachim)
2007:     Peachy and Mark Levy (Giborim) and Dick Hutman (Malachim)
2006:     Lee Miller (Giborim) and Rita Hoisch and Rita Weissman (Malachim)