Today is August 4, 2020 -

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Early Childhood Center -

Resources for Parents

Tips & Advice

  • Our daily routines have changed and will continue to change. As a parent you are working hard to maintaining a supportive atmosphere for young children while working from home. Make a plan for the day with a routine for children, bearing in mind age appropriateness, availability of caregivers, whether parents may be working from home, and more. Now is an opportunity to create new routines. Maybe you will be able to take a lunch break and eat with your child. After lunch, read one book together. You may say, “after my last call at 5:00 PM, I can play a board game with you.” Take this as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds with your child. Our teacher are available if you would like to collaborate on a daily plan for your child.
  • What about too much screen time? Yes, too much screen time is not appropriate for young children; however, in times like these, interactive Zoom meetings or Face Timing can be positive. Seeing teachers and classmates can be comforting and calming to your child and help them maintain a connection to school and familiar faces.
  • How to explain school closures – Preschoolers are too young to be fully aware of what is happening.  If they ask why we are not in school, you can let them know that it is a home week and the school is being cleaned – just like how they wash their hands to get rid of germs. A lot of other places are doing this too, which might be why you can’t go to a play space or the mall.


  • If you have older children try reading The Don’t Worry Book. This is a wonderful book for children and adults!




With the rising unrest in our society today, we can only hope for peace in a world that needs more love, acceptance, forgiveness and equality. May we all learn from this and teach our children the importance of tolerance and non-violence in embracing all of humanity. Below are some links to help you start a conversation with your child about race and racism.

Online Resources:

Hands-on Learning and Just for Fun Ideas/Activities:


    • Make a nature list and go on a scavenger hunt to find the items
    • Read the signs on the road as you drive or walk
    • Look for patterns –look for patterns in nature
    • Play nature BINGO



    • Cook with your child – discuss measurements and temperature
    • Make Ice Cream in a Bag: Yes, this is possible and really fun!

Indoor Learning & Games:

    • Play board games and card games-try matching games
    • Encourage sorting – try sorting the laundry or the silverware together
    • Practice telling time/talk about time – put a digital clock next to the bed
    • Look at coins – identify and name the various coins
    • Read stories – if your run out ask a friend if you can do a book swap
    • Retell movies or television shows you watch together
    • Write thank you notes with your child – or letter to a friend or relative
    • Keep a journal of your activities- include photos taken by your child
    • Read and recite nursery rhymes, songs, and poems
    • Put puzzles together as a family
    • Read a joke book and laugh together
    • Build an obstacle course
    • Play “I spy”
    • Meditate and do yoga


  • Download the free Zoom app. It is a wonderful way to keep in touch with family and friends, and will be a tool that we will used for future community activities. You can easily download it to any tablet, computer, or phone by going to the app store.