Today is August 4, 2020 -

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Early Childhood Center -


We are a developmental play-based school with an openness to an emergent curriculum based on the children’s interests. Our  curriculum values process rather than product.  Children choose from a multitude of art materials to express themselves freely and music sessions are enhanced with a keyboard, rhythm instruments, and creative body movement activities.

On our shaded outdoor yard, children run, climb, ride bikes, and build, as well as create their own games.

We introduce our Jewish tradition with music, art, food, stories, and dramatic play.  On Mondays, we welcome the new week with a child-friendly Havdalah service and every Friday we visit the temple’s sanctuary with family and friends to celebrate Shabbat.  Both Jewish and American holidays are enthusiastically observed, with our Chanukah activity day and Passover Model Seder being some of the major highlights of the school year.