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Early Childhood Center -

Program Highlights

Jewish Life

At LBT ECC, one of our goals is to foster Jewish living with our youngest Jewish learners. Challah making has become a well-established Shabbat ritual for the children in our program. It is a special treat to start the day working alongside friends and loved ones each Friday. After the challahs have been made, the children gather to journey, hand in hand, to the Beit Midrash for services with our Cantor. Joyfully we sing and pray. It’s experiences like these, along with ongoing discussions, and weekly visits from our clergy that provide the foundation of Judaism in our young children.

Social Justice

Children do not need to wait for tomorrow to make a difference in the world.  With our encouragement they can make a difference today. The children are encouraged to find solutions to problems big and small and see each other as valuable.

Through discussions, classroom interactions, and hands-on curriculum we help our children be kind, value the other, and learn not just Jewish values, but values of justice.

Mindfulness Practice

Promoting self-regulation, emotional awareness and the ability to be present through yoga, meditation, music, and breathing exercises.

Nature Initiative:

This program offers a unique opportunity for children to better understand where our food comes from and why it is so important to take care of our world. In addition to playing in our beautiful outdoor environments and play yard, our schedule includes nature walks, allowing our students to explore our beautiful campus – investigating trees, looking for lizards, watching the deer on the hillside and caring for our organic gardens. The work is supported by our nature specialist, who works with the children to plant vegetables that we enjoy for snack.

Nutritious Snack Time:

It is very common for children to go through stages when they are extra picky about food. Whether it is because their taste buds are changing, or they are trying to be assertive, our goal is to help young children shape their food preferences through exposure. At school we offer the children opportunities to cook and try new food combinations, enjoying delicious and nutritious snacks, along with fruits and veggies from our garden whenever possible. By offering healthy snacks in a group setting we promote good nutrition and support the development of healthy eating habits[1] .

Getty Visits

Safely accompanied by teachers and chaperons the children have regular opportunities to visit the Getty Museum conveniently locate across the street. In addition to learning about the art and architecture, our Getty visits  provide an opportunity to learn how to stay with the group, how to safely cross a street/ parking lot, and to understand social expectations outside the classroom.