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The Great Big Bridging Project

Project Introduction

Two months from now, our LBT community will welcome a new Jewish year amid this extraordinary set of circumstances. We already know that in our Jewish tradition, our fate as individuals is inextricably tied up with our fate as a collective. In the “Ashamnu” prayer we recite on Yom Kippur (“for the sin that WE sinned against You…”), our confession is communal. Each of us takes responsibility for the sins of the collective, whether or not we have personally committed each of the sins in the prayer. COVID-19 has certainly affirmed this theology – our whole community rises or falls together. We are all accountable to and for each other.

To open our spirits in beautiful new ways to this deep truth, as we prepare to welcome a High Holydays season like never before, we are inviting you to participate in a community-wide art project – The Great Big Bridging Project. This is an invitation to join with every member of our sacred community in taking our place at the Temple, together. We provide you with a simple folded and cut white sheet of paper. You give us something of yourself on that page (words, paint, sketches, photos, or collage) and return it to the Temple (see how to participate below). We will then connect these individual pieces into a whole, building a communal sculpture.

We so hope you will join us in bridging from home to the Temple, from this year to the next, from the internal to the external, from the mind to the soul, from the soul to the hand, and from the individual to the collective.

With love,

Rabbi Ken Chasen, Rabbi Lisa Berney, Rabbi Benjamin Ross, Cantor Linda Kates, Abigail Goldberg Spiegel

Community-Wide Hive Sessions

If the mailing you received from us left you feeling ready to go… great… start creating! But if you are interested in joining with other Leo Baeckers for a “working session,” where you can learn more about the Great Big Bridging Project, connect face to face with others in our community, and have some dedicated playful creative time, join us at one of the “Community-Wide Hive Sessions” listed below:

  1. Rabbi Chasen & LBT congregant/artist Dick Hutman
    Tuesday, July 21, 8-9 pm
    For Zoom information, contact Adam Burstyn.
  2. Rabbi Ross & Early Childhood Education Director/artist Bri Naiman
    Friday, July 24, 12-1 pm

    For Zoom information, contact Betsy Krut. 
  3. Special “Hive Edition” of our weekly Monday Mingle with Cantor Kates
    Monday, July 27, 7-8 pm
    For Zoom information, contact Suhasini Yeeda.
  4. Religious School Families Hive with Rabbi Berney & LBT congregant/artist Kathy Leader
    Thursday, July 29, 4-5 pm
    For Zoom information, contact Betsy Krut.

How to Participate


Start with the pre-cut/folded blank sheet(s) of paper delivered by LBT to participate in The Great Big Bridging Project and Let’s Build Together! By unfolding and working on one side of the flattened paper (paying attention to the panels), use words, colors, textures, shapes, poems, photos, collage, pens, markers, crayons, coffee grounds, your grandma’s old yarn, you name it, and respond to one, all, or none of these prompts:

  • What sustains, animates or grounds you?
  • What unanticipated blessing has recently found you?
  • What are you struggling with right now?
  • Where is your heart taking you now?

Note: If you wish to attach photos and have easily read text, fold the paper along the cut line. That fold will represent the top of any photos or text and the top of the ultimate building block.

Encourage family members to join in or create their own art, and feel free to sign the work if you wish! Most importantly, have fun, go deep, keep it simple, get crafty!


Document your process and final product in 20 seconds or less in a video and post it to your social media and tag @leobaecktemple on Instagram and at using #LBTgreatbigbridgingproject #mybitofthebridge #letsbuildtogether (or skip this stage).


Fold finished work along pre-scored fold lines, place in the provided return envelope, and mail your completed artwork to LBT by Wednesday, August 5 or drop it with the security guard.


An animated squad of LBTniks – will transform your creations into a collective sculpture (see image at right) – bridging us into the New Jewish Year and effectively allowing us to “build” together.

Any questions? E-mail congregant Dick Hutman at