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Caring Community

At Leo Baeck Temple we value being in relationship with one another and showing up for each other, which has led us to be a caring community. The clergy at Leo Baeck Temple are honored to support you and your loved ones as you travel life’s journey. If you need to reach out to a specific clergy member, please call the temple office. If you need to reach the clergy immediately, they can be paged through our after-hours emergency call line on the main temple number 310.476.2861. Dial 1 and leave a detailed message.

The Caring Community is one expression of the communal culture at Leo Baeck Temple. Members of this community strive to be there for each other by bringing food when others are sick, by comforting the bereaved, by supporting families as they welcome new babies into their homes, and by reaching out to each other at times of simcha.

Remember to let us know if you, a loved one, or a member of the congregation is going through a time of great joy, sorrow, or illness.  Our Caring Community and LBT clergy want to be there for you in your time of need or celebration.

The Elijah Initiative

It’s time for Breaking-the-Fast on Yom Kippur! The LBT Elijah Initiative (which also pairs guest and host families for Passover seders) was so successful and appreciated we are organizing it again for Yom Kippur break-fast.  Whether you’d benefit from a fresh face around your break-fast table, or are seeking to deepen your relationship with other Leo Baeckers, or just want more honey cake in your life, you are invited to participate in LBT’s Elijah Initiative. Be the mitzvah you seek to create in the world by offering to host others at your Yom Kippur break-fast on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019!

Participate: We invite you to be a host or a guest at a break-fast meal at the conclusion of Yom Kippur services on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019.  All participants enjoy the fellowship, food and the fun after a day of introspection and learning. If you have any questions, please contact Vida Brucker, or Lois Littman,

The Healing Blanket Project

The Healing Blanket Project began as an outgrowth of a congregant knitting group started in 2012 at the temple.  After knitting scarves for women survivors of heart attacks and hats for premature babies in the NICU, a group of congregants wanted to develop a project for people in need at Leo Baeck Temple.  The project was formally launched at a Yom Limmud workshop in 2013.  Dozens of men, women, and children began knitting squares to create blankets to be distributed by the LBT Caring Committee and Clergy to our congregants in need of comfort and healing, both physically, and spiritually.

The project was the vision of Felicia Park-Rogers; and with the help of Wendy Glickman and Janet Grundfest it has become a vital element of LBT members caring for and reaching out to each other.  We are currently circulating five blankets throughout our community.  This project took on even more energy when it was brought to the Women’s Retreat in 2014.

In addition to knitting, the women at the retreat designed and decorated fabric squares which were beautifully crafted by Serena Brooks into the Healing Blanket Quilt now hanging in the Fett Contemplation Chapel.  Rabbis Chasen and Timoner and Cantor Kates launched the quilt and the healing blankets at a beautiful Shabbat healing service in the LBT outdoor chapel in June 2014.

To participate in knitting and to receive a packet with the pattern and prayers for healing, visit the office of Cantor Linda Kates or email her at

We offer so much gratitude to the members of Leo Baeck Temple and especially LBT Women for their loving and purposeful contributions to this project.