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Leo Baeck Temple -
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What We Do



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Voter Engagement

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Impact of the Work

Quotes from COLT members:

“The opportunity to live one’s values is invaluable.  Having the opportunity in a small way to participate (in politics) gives me the sense that this small contribution can make a difference certainly in my own life – but in the lives of those with whom I come into contact.”


“Any time I feel despair about the state of the world, and pull away from others I suffer more.  Though I may need breaks from time to time, when I delve deeper into working with others at LBT on social justice, I feel more connected and hopeful.”


“Community organizing at LBT gives you a rare opportunity to get to know other members of the community deeply while actually changing the world (or the state or city).  By the end of each campaign, people are really a team, and those relationships change everything about your experience at LBT, from attending services to participating in classes or community events.”