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“The culture in which we live tells us to seek help, to seek whatever we want for ourselves out of every encounter we have. The culture of Leo Baeck Temple tells us to be the help for others, and in so doing, we’ll get everything that we’re missing so profoundly.”

LBT MEMBERSHIP FORMS:  Click HERE to view and/or print the Membership Forms for the current year.

Leo Baeck Temple is a warm and friendly congregation welcoming members from diverse backgrounds.  Our congregants make deep and long-lasting friendships among each other, learning and celebrating joyous occasions together, and supporting each other in times of need.  Our clergy is easily accessible to all members as sources of inspiration, teachers of Torah, and providers of comfort.

We are proud of the active, caring and committed community that our temple offers its members.  In this time of unprecedented growth for our congregation, we invite you to join us and explore the richness our community offers.

In keeping with Leo Baeck Temple’s longstanding policy of ensuring that membership in our congregation is available regardless of financial considerations, our Executive Director, Financial Vice President, or Membership Vice President are available to assist our members, confidentially, when the standard membership contribution would prohibit their continued affiliation with the Temple, or would preclude an applicant from seeking and becoming a full member in our congregation.  If you have questions or wish to discuss your membership, please contact Abigail Goldberg Spiegel at 310.476.2861 or  We will make every effort to accommodate your request. Click here to view and print out Membership Forms.

PARKING ACCESS:  A permanent parking decal is required for all LBT Members. CLICK HERE to print out the form for all vehicles in the family – and return it to the LBT office for processing.