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Messy, Together

LBT’s Community Organizing Leadership Team (COLT) Presents: 

The world feels messy right now. And when it comes to our communal quest for justice, that mess can be paralyzing. It can feel easier to hide in our homes than to look out and ask ourselves what is the change we seek and what will we do to achieve it!

LBT’s MLK Shabbat speaker, PICO California’s Director Joseph McKellar, spoke about the power of acknowledging the brokenness of the world while affirming facing it with his family. We are called by our Prophets, texts and traditions to face the mayhem and tumult of the world together as a community. We do not tolerate injustice and we will not stand idly by while our brothers and sisters suffer. We are urged to welcome the stranger and care for the orphan and widow in our midst. But what can we do to make our world more just?

Messy, Together: Our community conversation hopes to achieve three goals in our effort toward creating a more just world:

  • Listen to your stories and ideas about the world you want to build for your kids, grandkids, friends and family;
  • Identify what piece of the mess you are personally passionate about and why; and 
  • Motivate you to be more engaged and invested in seeking solutions.

You are invited to participate! LBT Members can participate in this communal conversation through small groups or one-to-one conversations. The groups and conversations will be facilitated by members of the Community Organizing Leadership Team (COLT), listed below.  

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What will we do with this? We will bring LBT’s stories and ideas into conversation with dozens of other synagogues, churches and mosques around LA County through our work with our interfaith organizing partners at LA Voice. This concert of voices will inform and direct our social justice campaigns.

Debbie Babb
Tamara Eskenazi
Jackie Freedman
Dan Giesberg
Jane Herzog
Laura Kaplansky
Lisa Katz
Keren Koretz
Charlotte Myers
Ken Neisser
Winifred Neisser
Sally Porton
Bea Richman
Brian Rose
Robyn Samuels
Tim Shaheen
Rick Shaine
Jonathan Steier
Shelly Steier
Eric Stockel
Maria Suchard
Karen Wagener
Elaine Waldman
Alan Weil
Karen Weil
Jacob Wirtschafter

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Messy, Together – The Jewish Connection

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