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Leo Baeck Temple -
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Rabbi’s Message

ChasenKenHeadshot2012DSC_0164Welcome to Leo Baeck Temple!  At LBT, we search for meaning in our everyday lives by drawing nourishment and guidance from the ancient wellspring of Judaism.  As the 21st century takes shape, our congregation is growing, not just in terms of numbers, but also in terms of the experiences we share with one another.  LBT is our home for Jewish living, the place where our members – everyone from preschoolers to retirees – truly encounter one another in study, prayer, and the pursuit of social justice.

As inhabitants of a fast-paced world that typically compels us to think of our own needs first, we delight in participating in this community, where people show true concern and kindness to one another.  Whether in times of great joy, or times of great sorrow, Leo Baeck Temple is a genuine spiritual home in which women, men, and children find their own distinctive pathways to God, examining themselves and their world honestly and committing themselves to changing things for the better.  
Our worship opportunities are an expression of the compelling and Jewish community we have created here at Leo Baeck Temple.  I look forward to welcoming you to a service soon!

Rabbi Ken Chasen