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Religious School Activities

Our program is as varied as it is broad. Whether listening to Jewish music or acting out a Torah portion, your learning Hebrew at LBT is fun and easy.  Our teachers introduce the Hebrew alphabet and basic syntax through music, graphic arts, games, and workbooks.  Students of all abilities enjoy learning common words and songs, and gradually progress to reading prayers and Torah fluently.  Children will find compelling options to help them connect to Judaism.

Radio Station  –  Our Religious School radio station rocks our campus on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday mornings.  Award winning LBT Radio is a great way for students to learn about old and new Jewish music, as well as keep up-to-date with Jewish news from around the world. Students in grades three through seven have the opportunity to broadcast live!  They write scripts for newscasts, commercials, public service announcements, weather reports, and movie reviews, while at the same time honing their public speaking and presentation skills.

Modern Hebrew  –  Through games and non-traditional educational methods, students have the opportunity to learn how the ancient Hebrew language has been adapted to a modern, vibrant, living language.  They will learn contemporary phrases in Hebrew, as well as how to ask simple questions and answers.

Journalism  –  Sixth and seventh grade students have the opportunity to interview teachers, rabbis, cantors, and educators about their jobs and life journeys.  They also learn to write about upcoming holidays, Jews in the news, and draft their own short stories to teach Jewish ethics and morals.  Their newsletter is published to the entire school community.

Shira (Music)  –  Music is integral to Jewish life, and is integrated into every aspect of our community.  Our music program concentrates on Shabbat liturgy and holiday songs, as well as on children’s music and camp tunes.

Omunut (Art)  –  Each class participates in arts and crafts programs designed by their teacher as well as by our own art specialist. We maintain a well-stocked, creative art room.  Projects focus on topics of study, worship, and holiday observances.

Rikudey Am (Folk Dance)  –  Our highly trained Israeli dance specialist teaches folk dance to all levels, giving our students opportunities to move, celebrate, and connect to Judaism and Israel kinetically.

Mischakim (Games)  –  In the near future, we will experiment with a new program involving sports and low ropes courses to build community, teach Hebrew vocabulary and Jewish values. The program will include activities with balls, hoops, and trust games.