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Our Approach

We aspire to be a Temple community embodying Jewish values, one which looks outward to the world with a sense of responsibility.  To our youth and families we foster a sense of belonging to many sacred communities:  the synagogue, the Jews, Israel, and the world.

Our programs help students and their parents find meaningful ways to worship, participate in Jewish ritual, and encounter the sacred in their lives.  We teach fundamental skills of Jewish living, and we strive to help our students feel comfortable as Jews at home and within their synagogue.  In partnership with our families, we use sacred Jewish time, space, and texts to become an involved and closely linked spiritual community committed to tikkun olam.

Jewish learning is imbued with the pursuit of:

  • Connection – As a house of gathering, a beit knesset, we create Jewish memories which connect learners through time and space.  Jewish values are integrated into contemporary life. Families are strengthened by engaging in Jewish life together, and communal, intergenerational learning has the ability to build the broader synagogue community. We recognize that Hebrew study connects us to Klal Yisrael, the Jewish people.
  • Knowledge – As a house of learning, a beit midrash, we are mindful that learning and teaching are intricately joined.  Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach. We are an inclusive community where all learning styles and abilities are embraced. Jewish learning is experiential and inspires action.
  • Prayerfulness – As a house of prayer, a beit tefillah, we embrace the capacity of learners to question their relationship with tradition, and to search for God.  Through shared worship and a personal sense of prayerfulness, we encourage inward reflection and outward awareness. We are a community, a kehillat tzedek, committed to the pursuit of justice. We provide opportunities to turn our learning into sacred deeds in our learning community, our congregational community, and the world. As Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel taught, in the spirit of tikkun olam, “We pray with our feet.”

Jewish values are integrated into the actions of our lives and we see them as Jewish acts.