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Leo Baeck Temple -
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Our Mission

Leo Baeck Temple, a Reform congregation, is a welcoming and inclusive community committed to searching for moral, spiritual and intellectual nourishment from one another and from the wellspring of our Jewish tradition and to sharing that nourishment with the world.  We build our congregational community upon the three pillars that are said in our tradition to sustain the world.

Al HaTorah (On Torah) – We seek to engage members of all ages in meaningful Jewish learning.  Our Jewish tradition acknowledges the unique sanctity, joy and peace that emerges from study, and our congregation cherishes the role that lifelong learning plays in deepening the bonds of community, emboldening the resolve to improve the world, and enriching the Jewish spirit.

Al HaAvodah (On Worship) – We seek to celebrate together the joy, beauty, depth and mystery of life through communal prayer.  Our synagogue is a welcoming home to spiritual exploration for worshippers possessing a wide range of theological orientations and diverse conceptions of God.  We are bound together in the pursuit of holiness to be found in the blessings, melodies and rituals of our sacred heritage, shared during the week, on Shabbat and Festivals, and at the important passages of our life.

Al G’milut Chasadim (On Acts of Loving Kindness) – We seek to embody Judaism’s deepest values in our lives and reflect them in the type of temple community we create.  Sustained by this warm, caring and open community, we work together to improve the quality of human existence and to heal our world by speaking out and by taking action where our religious tradition demands that we do so.  We embrace our Jewish obligation to on another and to the stranger – to those in our city and nation, to those in the land of Israel and to Jews of all lands, and to those in need throughout the world.