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High Holydays

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HHD From Home to Home

Dear friends,

The new Jewish year awaits us in just two and a half weeks – and we will greet it together as we’ve never greeted another year in our lives.

The pandemic that has physically separated us from each other has done nothing to separate us spiritually from each other.  If anything, our souls are readier and more receptive than ever to the High Holydays’ themes of ultimate meaning.  We can feel one another, traveling this same road, asking the same questions, reaching for the same reassurance of belonging.

For the past several months, our team at Leo Baeck Temple has been hard at work designing a set of experiences for the coming High Holydays that is as unique as the circumstances through which we are living.  Through prayer, study, song, meditation, artistic expression, and, most of all, community – all in new and powerful ways – we will enter the new year as one congregation in hope, yearning and commitment to each other.

Please review all the information in the following message carefully, as it will guide you through our plans and enable you to take full advantage of the riches the coming days will bring us all.

You are a part of something much bigger than our physical separation.You are a part of Leo Baeck Temple. Let the Holydays we are soon to share remind us again and again of just how blessed we are to have each other and this sacred community.

With anticipation for the days ahead,

Rabbi Ken Chasen

The Days of Awe

High Holydays Registration
We are looking forward to sharing in these most special of days with you, albeit in a new way. Please complete the form below, so that we can share the login details with you prior to the service.

Children’s Programming
In addition to our family and children’s services, we are excited to offer meaningful and fun High Holydays programming for children in pre-k through 6th grade. Click below to sign up.

Prayer Book Check-out
We will make our prayer books for High Holy Days easily viewable online for every service. However, for those who are interested in a hard copy of our books, you are invited to check out a prayer book by completing the form below. This option is only available to current members.

Torah Ark Visits

Missing your special moment in front of the ark on these holy days? Sign up to visit the Temple during the Days of Awe (between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) and have a moment alone or with your family outside in front of our portable ark.


Yom Kippur
7:00pm Enter Yom Kippur with One Another (Candle lighting)
7:30pm Kol Nidre Service
9:00am Yom Kippur Morning Service
11:30am Yom Kippur Family Service
2:00pm Yom Kippur Children’s Service
11:30am-12:30pm – Yom Kippur Afternoon Study: Dr. Tamara Eskenazi: The Prophets of the High Holy Days
1pm-1:45pm – Meditative Art with Kathy Leader
2pm-2:45pm – Restorative Yoga with Natalie Bennett
4:00pm Musical Meditation
4:30pm – Afternoon Service
5:00pm – Yizkor Memorial Service
Neilah Service-immediately following Yizkor
Following Neilah (Approx 6:30pm) Yom Kippur Community Break Fast
To learn more about Yom Kippur click here.

Watch Past High Holydays Services

We hope that you enjoyed our Rosh Hashanah services this past Friday and Saturday. For those of you who want to watch the services or sermons again, they are live on our website. Click here to view now. 

Upcoming Holidays


Sukkot is a seven-day holiday commemorating the fulfillment of God’s promise to bring the Israelites to the Promised Land after forty years of wandering.  Many people build a sukkah (booth), a temporary structure with a roof made of branches, modeled after the huts constructed in the desert.  We also give thanks to God for the bounty of the Earth with prayers and a symbolic shaking of the lulav (an assemblage of palm, willow and myrtle branches) and etrog (a lemon-like fruit). To learn more about Sukkot click here.

Simchat Torah

Celebrates the completion of the annual Torah-reading cycle.  After finishing the last sentence of the chapter Devarim (Deuteronomy), the Torah is joyously paraded around the synagogue.  The new cycle begins immediately with a reading from Bereshit (Genesis). To learn more about Simchat Torah click here.